Discord Bot

User Permissions

Your room's user permissions will inherit the permissions that their Discord role has in the channel that the bot is bound to. Specifically

  • To enter the room they must have "View Channel" permission
  • To be a moderator they must have "Kick Members" permission (and "View Channel").
    • Moderators can kick and mute members in the hubs room.
    • Moderators can also create and manipulate objects, draw and share video even if these are turned off in the room settings.
    • Note: only discord users with verified emails can become moderators
  • To be a room owner they must have "Manage Channels" (and "Kick Members and "View Channel")
    • Room owners are able to change the name and scene in the room, modify other room settings, and close the room.
    • Note: only discord users with verified emails can become room owners
  • The discord permissions can set either via their discord role globally, or permissions given on the specific channel to that user/role

Bot Permissions

The bot requires several permissions in order to work.

  • "Send messages," "Read messages," and "Embed links" are necessary in order to bridge between the Hubs room that is linked to a channel and the messages that are sent within the channel on Discord.
  • "Manage webhooks" is necessary in order for the bot to find and use a webhook for bridging chat.
  • "Manage channels" is necessary in order for the bot to set the channel topic and bridge chat. Note: We do not ask for this permission globally when you add the bot to your server, instead we recommend you grant this permission to the bot in specific groups or channels.


The following features outline the current bot commands and how they can be accessed by users in the Discord server:

!hubs - Lists information about the currently linked room.

!hubs create - Creates a default Hubs room and puts its URL into the channel topic. Rooms created with !hubs create will inherit moderation permissions from this Discord channel and only allow Discord users in this channel to join the room.

!hubs create [environment URL] [name] - Creates a new room with the given environment and name, and puts its URL into the channel topic. Valid environment URLs include glTFs, GLBs, and Spoke scene pages.

!hubs help - Get information about how to use the Hubs bot.

!hubs stats - Shows some summary statistics about room usage.

!hubs remove - Removes the room URL from the topic and stops bridging the Discord channel with Hubs.

!hubs notify set [datetime] - Sets a one-time notification to notify @here to join the room at some future time.

!hubs notify clear - Removes all pending notifications.

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